If you know that you want to hire a house DJ to keep guests moving throughout the party, hire a true professional who can mix music like a champion. WWW.LOCKDCITYRADIO@GMAIL.COM

Sundays Gigi Lovi 8-10 am est
Sundays Dj Dezzy 12-2 pm est
Sundays Dj Jacko 2-4 pm est
Sundays Ragga Reds and Dangles 4-7 pm est
Sundays Dj Dondadda 7-9 pm est

Sundays Dj Damion 9-11 pm est
Mondays GiGi Lovi 1-3 pm est

Mondays Dj Fyah 3-6 pm est
Mondays Charlybax 6-8 pm est
Tuesdays Mr Danger 2-4 pm est

Tuesday Dj Fyah 4-6 pm est
Tuesdays Corey Don 6-9 pm est
Wednesdays Big Joe 5-7 pm est
Wednesdays Diplomat 9-11 pm est
Thursdays GiGi Lovi 12-2 pm est
Thursdays Mr Danger 2-4 pm est
Thursdays Ann Advocate 5-7 pm est
Thursdays Damion 7-9 pm est
Thursdays Ghettostar 9-11 pm est

Fridays Sniper Sound 12-2 pm est
Fridays Ghettostar 4-6 pm est
Fridays Corey Don 6-9 pm est
Fridays Dondadda 9-11 pm est
Saturdays Ghettostar 3-5 pm est
Saturdays Big Joe 5-7 pm est
Saturdays Dj Jacko 7-9 pm est
Saturdays Dj Dondadda 9-11 pm est


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lockdcityradio@gmail.com AKA DJ DONDADDA N LOCKDCITY RADIO. Orlando Fl
cityheatsound@gmail.com AKA DJ DONDADDA N FADA JASON N CITYHEAT SOUND. Miami Fl
djbigjoerockyvybz@gmail.com AKA DJ BIG JOE. Italy
raggareds@gmail.com AKA DJ RAGGA REDS. Atlanta 
fuzzdangles@gmail.com AKA FUZZDANGLES. Atlanta 
dforbes92@gmail.com AKA DJ DAMION. Miami Fl
Fyahhickey@yahoo.com AKA DJ FYAH. KINGSTON JAMAICA 
mrdanger47@hotmail.co.uk AKA MR DANGER. England
fyahunitsound@gmail.com AKA COREYDON N TEAM XXTREME SOUND. Miami Fl
Gunfigun@gmail.com AKA DJ DEZZY. Washington DC 
jackodj3@gmail.com AKA DJ JACKO. Jamaica
gigilovi@icloud.com AKA DJ GIGI LOVI. England 
Saidy.bakary@yahoo.com AKA DJ Charlybax N Luck Vybz sound. England
denzelmllr9@gmail.com AKA Ghettostar Sound

New online radio station DJs needed. Lcr is looking to bring together a regular set of DJs to have their own shows on the station.
Reply here and email Lockdcityradio@gmail.com to get in touch.